Commercial / Fleet

Commercial / Fleet

DC Safety understands the needs of managing large fleets and has developed products geared towards the safety and preparedness of the people who operate them.

Reasons to Include a Kit

Your employees are the backbone of your business. Every office building is equipped with safety equipment to protect employees and customers. Including a First Aid Kit and/or Roadside Kit in fleet vehicles fosters goodwill and loyalty while providing a safe working environment to the ‘mobile office’.

All fleets can benefit from a DC Safety kit including:

  • Police and First Responder Vehicles
  • Taxis and Limousines
  • Municipal Vehicles
  • Shipping and Delivery Services

Reasons to Choose DC Safety

DC Safety is certified to engineer a "50-State" qualified roadside safety kit. Our large manufacturing facility is well equipped to handle high volume production to equip all of your enterprise and municipality vehicles.

All of our products, including First Aid Kits and Roadside Assistance Kits are geared toward the Commercial / Fleet industry.

Did You Know?

Per (CFR) Title 49, Part 393, Section 393.95, trucks over 10,000 lbs. G.V.W must carry the following parts and accessories onboard for safe operation: fire extinguisher(s), spare fuses for all powered items, and visual indicators (3 DOT-approved warning triangles or flares) for stopped vehicles.

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