Product Overview

Product Overview

First Aid Kits

There are good reasons why DC Safety is the leading designer and manufacturer of custom First Aid Kits. All these reasons involve quality - quality of product, compliance, delivery and service. What's in a First Aid Kit? DC ... read more »

Roadside Emergency Kits

Emergencies Roadside breakdowns are inevitable in a vehicle's lifecycle, from tire failure to inconvenient water hose leaks. The convenience of having a roadside emergency kit, along with a basic tool set, in the car will sa ... read more »

Export Kits

A global economy presents opportunities for new or expanded sales channels.  DC Safety is prepared to handle the safety needs of all international customers. DC Safety designs and manufactures custom first aid, emergenc ... read more »

Specialty Kits

DC Safety has designed kits that improve customer comfort, convenience while raising your brand awareness. Customer Loyalty Programs DC Safety has designed kits that include safety and preparedness items focused on everyday ... read more »

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