Export Kits

Export Kits

A global economy presents opportunities for new or expanded sales channels.  DC Safety is prepared to handle the safety needs of all international customers.

DC Safety designs and manufactures custom first aid, emergency, and tool kits to the standards set by various geographic regions. Whether for in-line installation during vehicle manufacture or packaged as an after sales accessory, we can build a kit to fit your go to market strategy.

Why Choose DC Safety?

DC Safety specializes in manufacturing safety kits for vehicle manufacturers and accessory marketers under their brand label. We design specialty kits to fit in trunks, internal compartments, or as on body attachments, all mindful of weatherproofing. Our in-house engineering and design team can create truly attractive, useful, innovative products that meet regulatory guidelines. Additionally we can provide retail packaging, point-of-purchase displays and special logistics services.

Did You Know?

Many countries and regions require all vehicles to come equiped with either a first aid or emergency preparedness kit. Most also have specific guidelines these kits are required to meet.

Gulf Coast Countries - GCC

Countries on the Gulf Coast are experiencing an economic boom, which has led to an increased standard of living for their growing population. As a result the automotive industry has benefited greatly and seen rapidly increasing sales. Due to this growth many requirements and standards have been set for sales into the GCC by SASO, the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization, and GITEX, the Gulf Information and Technology Exhibition. One such standard is the requirement of vehicle manufacturers to provide safety equipment.

DC Safety is well versed in the GCC market and can prepare you for sales into this growth region. Our on staff medical consulatants can recommend the proper mix of first aid and emergency equipment to meet SASO standards. DC Safety also offers translation services and knowledge of proper vehicle mounting procedures for all equipment.

European Countries

Many first aid and emergency items are required in vehicles when motoring in European countries. To comply with these requirements a standard has been set by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). The DIN 13164 First Aid Kit is required to be in all cars driven in Germany. This kit has been widely adopted by numerous European countries along with the requirement of having a roadside warning triangle and safety vest.

DC Safety is familiar with DIN standards and other regulatory and safety requirements of European countries. Our on staff medical consultants can recommend the proper mix of first aid and emergency equipment to meet all European requirements and recommondations. DC Safety also offers translation services and common practices for sales across Europe.

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